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Pub quiz app for remote teams

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Host a pub style quiz anywhere

Whether you are in the same room or on the other side of the earth, you can host a pub style quiz like a pro. Perfect for remote teams looking to have some fun together.

Availabile on any device

Use a projector, tv, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone. If it has a web browser, then you can use Quiz Remote.

Use your favourite video service

Stream your screen with any video conferencing software. Zoom, Google Meet/Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack or even a live YouTube event.

Super easy quiz builder

Intuative controls mean it's simple to setup, present and participate.

Automatically collect and tally scores

Completed quizes are automatically collected and calculated so you can present the winner on a leaderboard.

No signup required

We don't want your email address or any other personal information. We just want you to have fun in the most seamless way possible.

How does this work?

Start by creating a quiz. Save it to get the presenter and participant URLs. Organise with your fellow quizmates when you will be hosting the quiz. Make sure you share the participant URL with them! Meet with them online with your favourite video chat software. If you're the presenter, make sure you're sharing your screen and are viewing the presenter URL. You and your quizmates can go through the questions together. At the end, their responses will be collected and you can present them with the correct answers and show a leaderboard of the results.

Do you have a demo I can see first?

Yep, check out a demo as a partcipant or a presenter. And you can start building your own quiz now to see how easy it is to do.

Are all the questions multi-choice?

At the moment, yes. We have found people are more receptive of multi-choice questions, as even if they don't know the answer, they can still have a go.

How many people can participate?

I haven't tested the upper limits of the app, but you will probably run into limits with your video conferencing software first.

What details do you collect about me?

None. We don't want to hold any personally identifiable information. We recommend using a funny fake screen name for teams and individuals who are participating in a quiz.

What information does this site save?

We save the quizes, the responses and the names given for each partcipant.

Will you publish my quiz to the public?

No, your quiz is your quiz. Only the people who you share the URL or quiz ID with can see it.

How long do you keep the quizes for?

If disk space becomes an issue, I may delete some of the oldest quizes. But otherwise I have no policy. They will probably hang around for a long time.

Can I use this in an actual pub?

You can use this anywhere. While it was designed to be used via a video chat, it works really well in person too.

Where do I request new features?

Send me an email. I would love to hear your ideas.

Where do I report bugs?

Send me an email. Let's get those bugs squashed!

I've forgotten my quiz ID, can you recover it for me?

Send me an email. I will see what I can do.

No signup and free - why do this?

This was a side project built during our COVID-19 lockdowns with the only intention to help connect our team. Hopefully it will help connect your team too ❤️